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In a daze 'cause I found God.

Hey guys.

Been a few days since my last update. Hope you all had a good Christmakuh.

I got so much good stuff, for Christmas and my birthday. (Which is the day after Christmas for you stupid people that actually call yourself my friend when you didn't know the date of my birthday, but don't worry, I don't know yours either.)

Got a new computer and a camera. So check out my new pics on myspace!

Can you believe it's 3 more days until 2006?

Freaky shiz..

Oh! My mommy broke her finger. It's so sad..and so very gross looking...*shiver* yuck.

Tomorrow she goes to get it fixed. Poor mommy. ♥

Well, nothing else really to say. I'm a year older and 2006 is creeping up. Have a good new year if I don't talk to you.

Call me before school starts so we can hang out!

Ps.- uhmmmm..imissyou♥
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