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We belong together.. like the open seas and shores--

Hola mi amigo.

Hmm, it's been a while. Kinda. Ha..

Lotsa stuff been going on. Some not so great but.. I'll just give a quick once over.

Kay well one good news is that I finished all my medicine (for my kidney) but I still have to drink like 6 glasses of water a day. Bleh.

Umm, single again... so.. yea.. I really liked him but I don't think I was very happy so, it's probably for the best. Shit happens, life goes on, heh..

Moment of embarrassment! I needed to get my mind off some stuff so I went to Christines last night, and well I was wearing these high heels, and standing in front of the mirror so I picked my foot up to look at it in the mirror, and I lost balance (because I'm such a clutz) and went to put my other foot back down and it got caught on the bag I had brought over with my clothes in it, and it was paper so it ripped and I fell flat on my face. Luckily there was a bean bag that slightly broke my fall. Still hurt my face though lol, Christine and I were laughing so hard we cried. And then!! Omfg, okay I had left the tv on in the living room because I was hungry so we got up and went to the kitchen, but her parents were sleeping so we had to be quiet. But we had let her little doggy out so we could play with her (keep in mind its like 2 in the morning) and so she was like go turn the tv off, well I was wearing these really soft slippery socks and was sliding all over the kitchen floor because its wood, and so I was running out there to turn the tv off, and the frickin dog humped my leg all the way out there! So i'm running and screaming quietly, and shes like right there on my leg, so I ran back into the kitchen, sliding allllll over the place, and Christine had just got the mashed potatoes out of the microwave and I came running around the table, dog still behind me, and she handed me the mashed potatoes, WHICH WERE SOOOOOO HOT!, and so it's burning my hand and i'm like owowowowowow, running around the table trying to get away from the dog, the dog is still there trying to hump my leg and i'm tyring to be quiet, and Christine is standing there laughing her ass off.

It was horrible.

I'm such a retard.

But I guess it's times like those that make life fun. Even though it feels kinda shitty right now.. :\

♥ I guess..
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