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How's stuff?

Went skating on saturday with Courtney and Kristen, and then Devin and his two friends came so that was fun. Sucks J.T couldn't come though.. :(

Woah dude it was so weird and kinda scary.. Sat. night when I got home I was sitting down and I wasnt feeling too good and I dropped something on the floor and couldn't reach it so I stood up to walk over to get it, and I bent down and picked it up and then I totally blacked out and fainted and so I fell to the floor and hit my head really hard so I guess it snapped me out of it and I woke up. So now I have a cut on my forhead lol. It was kinda scary though. But.. yea.

Well you guys should call me, we'll hang out.

♥ Je T'aime
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