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Right now I definitely feel invisible to you..


Haven't updated in a few days. What's up? Spent the night at Courtney's last night. We had fun.. before that we went bowling with J.T and two of his friends which was okay I guess..

Life is in a weird stage right now.. everything is so confusing. You think you know someone but... you could be completely wrong.. in many different ways.

But I guess that's why they call it life.

I don't really have anything to say.. lots of thought right now.

You know what really sucks though? Is when you can't even hold a conversation with someone because one person says something so stupid that just starts a arguement that shouldn't have started to begin with. And you can try your best to stop it but.. doesn't work that well. Whatever.

Call me peeps. We'll hang out, maybe you can put a smile on my face because right now....I definitely don't have one.

Ps.- I care what he thinks.. and that scares me.
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