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Rhymes with witches...


I want it to be Friday...

Christmas break, helllllllz yes! Def hit up the cell, we're gonna do some definate hanging out. Gosh every other month has gone by so quickly and December seems to be going by so0o0o0o0 slowly..baaaa!

I'm on a diet and guess what! I lost 5 pounds! YES! 5 pounds! Idk how either..I haven't been eating lately though, evertime I eat the smallest portion of something I feel like i'm going to throwup, yuck..but it seems to working, yeehaw.

Anyway. I'm still sick, my throat hurts so bad. I'm trying to get better, I'd hate to be sick on Christmas and my birthday.. talk about shitty..

Well hit up my cell sometime, 'kay? We'll plan a day to chill when peeps get outta scho0ol.

I love you guys♥

Ps.- imissyoulikecrazy♥
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