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14 days till Christmas!


Went to the mall yesterday for Christmas shopping. I pretty much got all mu shopping done. Got Courtney her stuff, JT his stuff, my mom her stuff, my dad his stuff, my grandma her stuff.. I think I got it covered.

I can't say what I was buying 'cause then it won't be a surprise but there was this guy and the thing I bought was 60 dollars, so I had to use my debit card to pay for it, and this guy was like russian or italian or something I have no idea, but he was so adorable! And most of the time I couldn't understand what he was saying 'cause of his accent lol. But anyway, so I was standing there and I was only buying one for someone 'cause I couldn't afford to buy two of them for 60 dollars, and he was like I tell you what, you buy two then i'll give you a third for free. And just listenin' to him would make me wanna buy annnnything lmao, but I was like thanks dude but no way I can't afford that, I'll just take one.
Then he was like okay how about this, you buy one i'll give you the second one for 10 $. And to be honest I really wanted one for myself too! So I was like okay whatever ring it up, lmao. It was so annoying though 'cause he kept trying to get me to buy more of them! And I was like noooooooo. Lol. Darn sales people. *shakes head*


We were at wal-mart and I was getting my stuff and I had to go to the bathroom right, so being left handed, most of the time I don't think of which way i'm going I just trust myself and go left, and turns out myself tricked me and I wound up in the mens bathroom!!!!!!!

I walked in and these guys were like standing there peeing and I was like in total shock lol! I covered my mouth and was like oh my god.. I am so sorry, and then just started cracking up right there in the bathroom lol! Then I turned and left lmfao. It was so humiliating. Funny... but humiliating.

So that was the highlight of my saturday afternoon. OH! and this guy at Pac-Sun was totally gorgeous and was like smiling at me and I was just like look away Holleigh babe, look away (for reasons I won't say because i'm not sure if i'm allowed to say them, but.. you get it)

So... how was your Saturday? Lmao.

ps.- iloveyoubaby♥
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